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Does 21st Century Insurance offer insurance on recreational trailers, utility trailers, and motor homes?
21st Century Insurance does offer insurance policies for both recreational and utility trailers as ...

What is the Anti-Theft Device Discount?
A 15% discount is applied to the Comprehensive coverage premium when a vehicle is equipped with an approved theft recovery device enabled with GPS tracking capabilities. For a list of approved systems, please contact us.

What are anti-lock brakes and how do I determine if I have them?
Anti-lock brakes are a factory installed device on some cars that allows for better control while b...

What discounts are available in the state of Hawaii?
There are discounts listed once you click the link.

What discounts are available in the state of California?
The following discounts are available in the state of California: Multi Car Discount up to 30% (Bod...

What discounts does your company offer?
Discounts vary by state. To view the discounts available in your state, choose your state from the...

What is the Driver Training Discount?
Drivers under age 21 who complete a state approved driver training course are automatically entitle...

How long will my good student discount be valid?
The good student discounts are valid for one year. You will need to provide an updated form or repo...

What is the Multi-Car Discount?
Available when 21st Century Insurance provides liability coverage for two or more vehicles owned by the policyholder and/or relatives residing in the same household. This discount also applies if the policyholder is the co-registered owner of two or more vehicles garaged in the same household. Vehicles insured for only Comprehensive and/or Collision do not qualify for this discount. The reduction to your premium will vary depending on the other individual rating factors used to determine your premium.

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